Transitioning Holiday Decor to Winter Decor

Not ready to say good-bye to your carefully constructed mini tree or menorah? Struggling to let go of your favorite part of winter? I know Boxing Day can bring on the blues, so stave it off a bit longer. Here are some ways to keep pseudo Christmas decorations out in your apartment long after the holidays are over:


Turn a Christmas Tree into a Snowflake Tree

Take down any red/green and strictly Christmas ornaments and keep the blues, snowflakes, and snowmen. If it looks a little empty, add some paper hearts and snowflakes. Try origami or just cut out. Check out these great DIYs and turn your tree revamp into a fun snowy day activity. Don’t forget to watch Jack Frost and Groundhog Day while you’re at it.

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Turn a Christmas Tree into a Snowflake Tree


This works for wreaths and greenery too – swap Santas, greens, reds, and nativity scenes for pinecones, snowflakes, hearts, and snowmen to transition into winter and Valentine’s Day décor to last right into early March. Check out some tips on keeping your greens fresh here.


Twinkle Lights, Pine Cones, and Poinsettia do not have to go anywhere

Just like your beloved pine tree candle, there’s no need to put away your twinkly lights, pinecone décor, or poinsettia plants until you are absolutely ready.


You never actually have to put away your pine tree candle

Christmas Themed Candles 

If you struggle to let go of the holiday spirit, stock up on all those lovely Christmas themed candles now. No one can stop you from burning those all year round. Keep the holiday spirit alive with the unmistakable fresh smell of pine.

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String Up your Holiday Cards

If you started receiving cards right after Thanksgiving, there’s no reason to trash them or throw them in a box to file away just yet. Punch a hole in the upper left hand corners, or cut them into triangles and create a garland. Remind yourself of all those you love and how they thought of you this season! Coming home to a reminder of all that Christmas cheer will definitely brighten your darkest winter days long after the holiday has ended.


Use a wreath to show off your holiday cards

There are so many ways to create great card displays that suit the style of your living space. Check out some easy examples here.


Just DIY More Décor

Maybe you are cool with putting your Christmas décor away but you just really like decorating and crafts. In that case, there are SO MANY wintery ways to add snowflake sparkle and rustic chilly charm to your apartment.

Try a pretty candle centerpiece or a snowflake door hanger.


Drink your Feelings

 Drink Some Hot Cocoa

Ok, hot cocoa does not count as décor, but another way to keep Christmas in your heart, kitchen, and stomach is to indulge in your favorite peppermint hot cocoa long after the big day. Treat yourself to holiday hot drinks and cocktails as long as you like. Try these great recipes.


Keep the spirit alive and keep yourself busy and cozy during the later half of winter by decorating your DMV apartment with style and pizazz. Or if you are in the market for a new apartment, let Apartment Showcase help in your search and visualize your best décor in a new space!

Elaina Hundley

Elaina Hundley is an education professional with a passion for cozy, affordable home decor. She loves coffee, watching "Fixer Upper," and tries to read and write as much as she can in her free time.

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