Tips on How to Cut Down Your Thanksgiving Clean-up Time

Turkey Dinner

Tired of spending hours and hours cleaning after a filling Thanksgiving dinner meal? Let those hours turn into minutes with the tips below.

BYOD-Bring Your Own Dish

If you are inviting family and friends over for Thanksgiving, ask everyone to bring one or two dishes to share. This way, when everyone leaves, you won’t have to worry about a boat-load of dishes to clean, only the dishes you ate the food off of will be your only worry. More people, the merrier!

Disposable Dishes

The best way to save time for Thanksgiving clean up? Paper or plastic dishes that you don’t even need to clean. You can even get festive with some Thanksgiving themed disposable dishes. Just make sure you have a strong garbage bag that will hold the weight of the food scraps, disposable plates, and other clean up materials that have been thrown away.

Prepare for Leftovers

If you decide you don’t want to do the BYOD route, then you will most likely have leftovers. To make room in your fridge, throw away anything that is expired and rearrange things to open more space up. Having left overs will also save you the trouble of preparing dinner or lunch for the next few days, Bon appetite!


Again, if the BYOD route isn’t for you, you will have cleaning to do after your meal. Try combining different dishes that have a little food left with other dishes that have a little space in their container. This way, you will have fewer dishes and containers to clean the day of Thanksgiving.

Re-use Cooking Dishes

If you have ever run out of room to place or cook something, try reusing dishes and pans you are already using. Make your food in different stages so that you are not overwhelmed with making everything at the same time in all the pots and pans you own.

Don’t get your turkey legs in a twist this Thanksgiving and follow these tips above. Comment below the hardest part of your Thanksgiving clean-up.

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Victoria Naranjo

Victoria Naranjo

Victoria is a full-time student at Bridgewater College and writer for Apartment Showcase.

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