Kitchen Storage Hacks For Your Small Apartment

When it comes to organizing a small apartment, the kitchen can feel like the most daunting of spaces. There never seems to be enough room, or enough shelving, to store all of your food, appliances, and kitchen tools. And because it’s a rental, it’s not like you can just build more storage for yourself. While it may not be your dream kitchen, there are storage hacks that can lessen the stress of small kitchen storage.

storage hacks

If you don’t have enough counter space…

First, take stock of what is occupying space on your countertops currently. Is there junk that can be tossed or moved elsewhere? Are there appliances that you’d put away if you had the cabinet space?

  • If you have a knife block taking up a chunk of room, consider a magnetic knife holder that can hang from the inside of a cabinet, or from a wall.
  • If you feel like your spices are taking over a cabinet or counter space, try these magnetic spice holders that you can stick right onto the fridge.
  • If you have room elsewhere in your apartment but not in your kitchen, consider getting a rolling kitchen cart, which can be both an extra countertop and a storage space.
  • If your drying rack is taking up way too much space on your countertop, consider a vertical drying rack on the wall.
  • If your fruit bowl is taking up too much space, try a hanging basket.

If your cabinets are already full…

Again, take a look at what is taking up space in your cabinets. Can appliances you don’t use be donated or thrown out? Are there seasonal supplies that can be stored elsewhere? Systematically move cabinet to cabinet, removing all items and taking inventory of what you have. Often times, you’ll realize you own things you forgot about, that have been taking up lots of space.

  • If your pots and pans and lids don’t all fit into your cabinets, try installing hooks and hanging them from available wall space, or hang them from your ceiling.
  • If your lids are still a nuisance, you can use towel racks to hang them from the inside of a cabinet.
  • If your cleaning supplies are taking up too much space under the sink, try hanging them from a tension rod in the cabinet.
  • If your cutting boards are stacking up higher than you’d like, consider installing a shelf on the inside of a cabinet door.
  • Take stock of your pantry. If there are food items you never use, and will never use, consider donating them. If foods have expired, toss them.
  • Organize your pantry in sections, and put the supplies you use least at the highest to reach shelf. Step stools are handy!

If you’re looking for some general kitchen revamp hacks…

  • Clear everything out of your fridge, wipe the inside of the fridge down (especially the drawers). Then assess the contents of your fridge. If there are expired foods, toss them. If there is food you never eat, take note of that.
  • Replace your kitchen sink sponge, restock your paper towel and soap supply, wash your kitchen towels.
  • Your microwave could always use a wipe down. Show it some love.
Nikki Blank

Nikki Blank

Nikki Blank is the co-founder and CEO of Sip City, a functional beverage company out of Union Kitchen. Nikki moved from Boston to D.C. in June, and has been inspired by DC’s local food scene, female run businesses, and the energy of the city. In Boston, Nikki worked as a social media editor at the Harvard Business Review and in television and digital news production at PBS. At PBS, Nikki made custom smoothies and switchel for her co-workers, which launched her on the path to Sip City. Nikki graduated from Tufts University in 2015, with a degree in English and film studies. At Tufts, she played varsity soccer, taught two media seminars and wrote a satirical advice column in the Daily newspaper. Her superlative was Most Likely to Host Their Own Late-Night TV Show in a Onesie.

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