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77 H Street, Washington, District of Columbia 20001

Rents from $1619-$4764


Property Description

For a luxurious, amenity-rich home on Washington, D.C.’s hippest street, renters should consider leasing at 77H. Located in vibrant NoMa, this building is right by a grocery store, shops and restaurants too. Residents also enjoy on-site retail and dining—meaning that a great night out is just a few steps away. 77H is also right by the Gallery Place Metro, which means the D.C. area is just a quick ride on the Metro away.

Property Highlights

  • Dogs & cats welcome
  • Fitness center
  • Swimming pool
  • Clubroom
  • 24-hour maintenance
  • WiFi in clubroom
s01STU1472 ft2$1619-$2153Check NowView
s02STU1492 ft2$1685-$2178Check NowView
s04STU1501 ft2$1785-$2253Check NowView
s03STU1514 ft2$1755-$2298Check NowView
a0311554 ft2$1817-$2368Check NowView
a0411631 ft2$2003-$2817Check NowView
a0211650 ft2$2081-$2861Check NowView
a0511675 ft2$1989-$2742Check NowView
a0111680 ft2$1996-$2252Check NowView
a1211682 ft2$2301-$2677Check NowView
a1111687 ft2$2028-$2537Check NowView
a1011688 ft2$2036-$2563Check NowView
a0711697 ft2$2040-$2431Check NowView
a0911698 ft2$2066-$2423Check NowView
a1811699 ft2$2061-$2416Check NowView
a1611725 ft2$1993-$2588Check NowView
a1711726 ft2$2143-$2680Check NowView
a1511727 ft2$1978-$2474Check NowView
a1411734 ft2$2138-$2817Check NowView
a1311738 ft2$2115-$2644Check NowView
a1911779 ft2$2061-$2676Check NowView
a2011785 ft2$2341-$2767Check NowView
a2111823 ft2$2098-$2530Check NowView
ad0412839 ft2$2691-$3283Check NowView
ad0212855 ft2$2746-$3561Check NowView
ad0512931 ft2$2539-$3119Check NowView
ad0612931 ft2$3016-$3895Check NowView
ad0312948 ft2$2758-$3324Check NowView
b01221044 ft2$3250-$4089Check NowView
b02221052 ft2$3154-$3775Check NowView
b04221056 ft2$3357-$4440Check NowView
b06221069 ft2$2806-$3451Check NowView
b05221112 ft2$3107-$3661Check NowView
bd01221142 ft2$3622-$4764Check NowView
b03221142 ft2$3501-$4618Check NowView


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