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Flats 8300

8300 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland 20814

Rents from $1781-$7732


Property Description

Find the perfect balance of open space and urban living at the Flats 8300. Located in Downtown Bethesda, this brand new apartment community embodies the look and feel of city living with the added charm of a scenic courtyard and lush green spaces bordering the community. Next door to NIH and Walter Reed Medical Center, Flats 8300 is just a quick trip from Bethesda’s renowned restaurants, exciting entertainment, and endless shopping. Drive to Rockville or hop on the metro to Washington, DC. Walk downstairs to the on-site Harris Teeter (open 24 hours) and Starbucks. At Flats 8300, you'll have easy access and open spaces right outside of your front door.

Property Highlights

  • Dual pools on the roof: lap pool and wading pool with water
  • Clubroom with three-sided fireplace, billiards, and full bar
  • Fireside Lounge with coffee bar and Wi-Fi
  • Fitness Center with direct access to courtyard
  • Business Center with computers and printers
  • Registered with the certification goal of LEED®Silver

Property Info

  • Ground-floor Harris Teeter with Starbucks
  • Capital Bikeshare
  • Car-sharing services
  • Controlled-access underground parking with electric-vehicle
  • Walking distance to Woodmont Triangle and Bethesda Row
  • Bethesda Circulator bus just a block away

Neighborhood Information

EASY-IN AND EASY-OUT BY CAR Less than a 5-minute drive to the Capital Beltway (I-495); car-sharing services on site; controlled-access underground parking with electric-vehicle charging stations. BIKE/BUS/METRO FRIENDLY Capital Bikeshare on site; Bethesda Circulator bus stops a block away; located between Medical Center and Bethesda Metro stations on the Red Line.

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Studio - C-1STU1474 ft2$1857-$1857Check NowView
Studio - C-2STU1505 ft2$1781-$2127Check NowView
Studio - A-2STU1512 ft2$2168-$2168Check NowView
Studio - BSTU1525 ft2$2068-$2068Check NowView
Studio - A-1STU1566 ft2$1854-$2225Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - JR-F11588 ft2$2087-$2087Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - JR-E11612 ft2$2336-$2336Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - JR-C11621 ft2$2361-$2401Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - JR-B211622 ft2$2101-$2292Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - JR-D11626 ft2$2311-$2311Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - JR-H11640 ft2$2490-$2540Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - F111641 ft2$2335-$2335Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - JR-A211644 ft2$2335-$2335Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - JR-B111661 ft2$2366-$2406Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - A411671 ft2$2450-$2450Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - JR-A111676 ft2$2301-$2466Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - JR-G11687 ft2$2021-$2021Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - B11695 ft2$2406-$2501Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - E11696 ft2$2533-$2533Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - A211701 ft2$2500-$2645Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - F211703 ft2$2357-$2562Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - A111718 ft2$2470-$2715Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - D11721 ft2$2283-$2520Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - G11725 ft2$2695-$2695Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - A311735 ft2$2390-$2595Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath Den - E211745 ft2$2855-$2855Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath Den - E111759 ft2$2845-$2845Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath Den - A211784 ft2$2735-$2735Check NowView
1 Bed/2 Bath Den-E12786 ft2$2320-$2320Check Now
1 Bed/1.5 Bath TH - C11.5817 ft2$2836-$2836Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath - C11820 ft2$2631-$2631Check NowView
1 Bed/1 Bath Den - A111833 ft2$2845-$2845Check NowView
1 Bed/2 Bath Den - C12844 ft2$2649-$3075Check NowView
1 Bed/1.5 Bath TH - B11.5876 ft2$3095-$3095Check NowView
1 Bed/2 Bath Den - B12886 ft2$3290-$3290Check NowView
1 Bed/2 Bath Den - D12886 ft2$3050-$3050Check NowView
2 Bed/2 Bath - E22967 ft2$3300-$3300Check NowView
2 Bed/2 Bath - B2221032 ft2$3485-$3485Check NowView
2 Bed/2 Bath - C221055 ft2$3555-$3555Check NowView
2 Bed/2 Bath - B1221072 ft2$3720-$3720Check NowView
2 Bed/2 Bath - D221076 ft2$3221-$3905Check NowView
2 Bed/2 Bath - A3221098 ft2$3880-$3880Check NowView
2 Bed/2 Bath - A2221111 ft2$3161-$3862Check NowView
2 Bed/2 Bath - A1221118 ft2$3690-$3840Check NowView
1 Bed/1.5 Bath TH - A11.51149 ft2$3562-$3562Check NowView
1 Bed/1.5 Bath Den TH - D111.51169 ft2$3906-$3906Check NowView
2 Bed/2.5 Bath - P-222.51206 ft2$3470-$4320Check NowView
2 Bed/2.5 Bath - P-322.51219 ft2$4185-$4185Check NowView
2 Bed/2.5 Bath Den - C-222.51228 ft2$4390-$4390Check NowView
2 Bed/2 Bath - B221230 ft2$4295-$4305Check NowView
2 Bed/2.5 Bath Den - C-122.51237 ft2$4370-$4370Check NowView
2 Bed/2.5 Bath - P-122.51261 ft2$4195-$4450Check NowView
2 Bed/2 Bath Den - A221270 ft2$4465-$4995Check NowView
2 Bed/2.5 Bath Den TH - C122.51365 ft2$4392-$4392Check NowView
2 Bed/2.5 Bath Den TH - A122.51384 ft2$3865-$4638Check NowView
2 Bed/2.5 Bath Den TH - C222.51389 ft2$4638-$4638Check NowView
3 Bed/2 Bath - A-2321396 ft2$4945-$4945Check NowView
3 Bed/2 Bath - A-1321406 ft2$5465-$6282Check NowView
3 Bed/3 Bath - E-1331455 ft2$7072-$7072Check NowView
2 Bed/2.5 Bath Den TH - A222.51455 ft2$4897-$4897Check NowView
2 Bed/2.5 Bath Den TH - E22.51460 ft2$4844-$4844Check NowView
2 Bed/2.5 Bath Den TH - D222.51505 ft2$4620-$4620Check NowView
3 Bed/2.5 Bath - D32.51531 ft2$6995-$6995Check NowView
3 Bed/3 Bath - E-2331544 ft2$7155-$7155Check NowView
2 Bed/3.5 Bath Den TH - F23.51617 ft2$5851-$5851Check NowView
3 Bed/3.5 Bath Den TH - B33.51774 ft2$6222-$6222Check NowView
3 Bed/2.5 Bath - B-132.51842 ft2$7075-$7075Check NowView
3 Bed/3.5 Bath - C33.51906 ft2$7566-$7566Check NowView
3 Bed/2.5 Bath - B-232.51933 ft2$7732-$7732Check NowView
3 Bed/3.5 Bath Den TH - A33.51965 ft2$6858-$6858Check NowView


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